Regenerating Human Energy

SORCE is a biometric-driven coaching platform dedicated to solving the human energy crisis

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Data Driven, Human Centered

Unlock your team's best performance
  • HRV assessment to objectively understand your stress + energy levels
  • Biofeedback driven coaching to give you the 1% change you can take to increase your energy and performance.
  • Personalized trends and insights so you can track your improvements over time
  • Powerful and innovative community to keep you accountable to reach your goals
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Burnout Costs You $11K Per Employee Every Year

Mis-managed workplace stress doesn’t just hurt your culture, it hurts the bottom line… $300 BILLION a year for employers to be exact (Forbes). With 73% of the global workforce having reported experiencing burnout, the time is NOW to get focused on reviving and renewing your people.

The Science of Human Energy

SORCE acts like an intuitive and compassionate mirror that gives you an real-time pulse check on yourself followed by regenerative actions you can take to unlock potential and prevent burnout.

We do this by leveraging the power of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and simple psychometrics that ultimately empower you to attain peak state of health and wellbeing more consistently. - measure, track and treat the health of your nervous system.

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3 Quick Steps, Big Daily Value
  1. 1Take your HRV score using the SORCE app
  2. 2Based on your HRV, receive audio content that caters to your energetic needs
  3. 3Get a daily read of your energy and that of your team and organization through real-time dashboards

Our Special Sauce

Early Adopters

These organizations get it

People-first organisations can greatly benefit from SORCE because, now more than ever, employees are experiencing a lack of work-life harmony.

SORCE is a solution that both empowers employees to maximise their energetic output and allows a manager to proactively get ahead of burnout on their teams; businesses and people thrive. In a world where work is now being conducted remotely and will likely remain distributed for the foreseeable future, having a solution like SORCE will be invaluable.

Katelin Holloway, Partner & Former VP of People,

My experience with SORCE was enlightening, thought provoking, and habit forming.

While the data alone was worth the price of admission, it was the genuineness and passion of the coaches that really took my experience to the next level!

Patrick Mercer, Assistant Vice President,
Wellness Director Frost Bank

I've found SORCE to be an incredibly intelligent tool that greatly helps in energy management.

The beauty of SORCE is that it has multi-relational high-fidelity dashboards that are completely uncompromising on evaluating impact and in addition their warp around coaching propositions really makes it a holistic solution for organisational and personal performance management. I'd highly recommend it.

Puneet Sachdev, International Director,
Human Capital The Singularity Lab

When we implemented this in a team environment for Concerto Health, not only was it great for team building, it allowed people to share vulnerabilities about their own health, and strengthened relationships.

Those who are looking to increase morale and productivity while having happier, healthier colleagues, this is the solution for you!

Steph Honami, SVP Human Resources
Concerto Health
Katelin Holloway
Patrick Mercer
Puneet Sachdev
Steph Honami

SORCE gives people a brand new way to relate to energy. Which, we believe, is a change that can change everything. By acting like an intuitive and compassionate mirror, SORCE visualizes what is going on internally followed by regenerative actions that can be taken. Yogis and sages practice for decades to have this type of inner-knowing and discernment. The general public, however, has never been taught how to cycle energy to create more health and vitality.

In fact, most people have been conditioned to only think in extractive ways. To take from each other, to take from the earth, to take from their own bodies without any consideration of the consequences. It has been normalized to degrade all things faster than they can repair which has led to the numerous collective epidemics we are facing as humanity.

But, even though the world feels bleak at times, we stay hopeful for three reasons:

1. We are hardwired for regeneration

Our bodies and natural environments have so much innate intelligence. If there is even a little vitality remaining within them, when we stop the degrading and polluting habits much can be restored back to its natural state.

2. Humans create in their likeness

Regardless if a person is a mother, a manager or the President of the United States, if we can positively shift the way they perceive energy and relate to themselves- their actions, creations and ways of living will shift as well.

3. The pain is growing

I know this doesn’t seem like a good thing, but the truth is people do not make changes unless the pain is high. With the pain intensifying people are more receptive to new ideas and actions.

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